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Learning From Horse Experiences

wellbeing sessions during covid-19 period

How Our Service is Operating During COVID-19

The Holistic Equine will continue to provide a 1:1 individual service for those client's who are in need of mental health and wellbeing respite.

We are continuing to adjust to the changes in the community over the last few weeks and digesting and implementing the information provided by the Health and Government authorities about the best and safest way that we can keep providing our services.

What To Do When You Come To a Session?

We request that when attending sessions that there are only 2 people (parent + child OR client + 1 additional person), wash and sanitise hands upon arrival and maintaining of the relevant social distancing between the facilitator and client for the duration of the session.

On departure please remember to wash your hands and re-sanitise.

We will be disinfecting all leads and brushes that are used during the sessions to ensure that the next client has clean tools to use.

What If Things Change?

If anything changes we will post an update, but for the time being please remember that as a wellbeing service we continue to stay open for 1:1 appointments.

The mental health of you and your family during this isolation period is extremely important and we are here to help.

We are on 25 acres with lots of space which ensures the maximum benefit to your wellbeing.

Please feel free to contact us via messenger, website email or by phone if you wish to visit so that we can set up an appropriate time for you or your family member.


Horse wisdom program information

What Happens in Equine Assisted Programs?

What Happens in Equine Assisted Programs?

What Happens in Equine Assisted Programs?

The Holistic Equine delivers learning via the Horse Wisdom Program and a positive focus on the family. 

 Through a process of open ended enquiry our facilitator supports the partnering and connecting with our herd of horses and miniatures to deliver a wellness equine program.

Client's often feel safer and less judged with horses, their awareness and authentic contact also helps create & maintain healthy relationships.

This is not a horse riding course but a new way to experience being and behaving.

There is no horse experience required as all interactions are carried out at ground level.  

Who Can Our Programs Help?

What Happens in Equine Assisted Programs?

What Happens in Equine Assisted Programs?

Our Horse Wisdom Program provides an opportunity for benefits in many areas:

Fun Interactive & Team Building Sessions for ages 4 & up

Skills for  children to survive & thrive socially

Teen Confidence Classes

Assistance with transition to School

(Kinder to Yr 6 and through to High School)

School Holiday Programs

Reduce Childhood Anxiety & Depression

Working with Recovery From Childhood Abuse & Trauma


Personal Growth & Team Development

Confidence Development Workshops for Primary/High School

Early Educator & School Trauma Information Workshops

We can focus specifically on areas you need assistance with and are happy to collaborate with therapists, counsellors or psychologists. If you are part of the NDIS you can attend our sessions through self managed funds via your NDIS planner, all you need to do is book and then get reimbursed through the NDIS portal.


The Power of Relationships with Horses

The Power of Relationships with Horses

The Power of Relationships with Horses

Horses are highly perceptive and respond to each person's feelings providing them with immediate feedback to help increase self awareness.

Completing ground tasks with horses can help build confidence, develop skills and promote patience, fairness, commitment and communication.

These connected experiences can help us understand our emotions more and deal with life's challenging situations. 


The Holistic Equine Team

The Power of Relationships with Horses

The Power of Relationships with Horses

Scroll down and learn about our team and our beautiful horses.

Meet The Holistic Equine Team


We Are Here to Help

Stephen (above left), Sharon (above middle) and Katie (above right)  work together to help children, teenagers and adults navigate the ups and downs of life.

Sharon is a qualified  early childhood educator with 11 years experience and a personal focus on early childhood and youth recovery from trauma.

Stephen is  co-facilitator and farm manager with a wealth of animal experience and a calm, open and friendly approach to clients.


Katie is also a co-facilitator and supports our programs with a  Diploma of Counselling Skills and  CERT III In Horse Handling. 

We are here to offer a mindful alternative to traditional mental health practices via our horse herds and work to bring positive changes to the lives of others and the community.


Horse Wellbeing Herd

We have 6 mindful miniatures and 9 therapy ex-thoroughbred horses.  We love all of our herd and they are the centre of our program, come and meet them and learn how the equine soul can nurture you.


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