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Focus on The Family - Rebuild Lives Through Horse Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Equine Assisted Program

Our equine assisted programs are an alternative health therapy involving a range of unmounted experiences with horses to promote human physical and mental health.

Horse herd relationships are very social and similar to humans which makes learning about relationships easier - people can examine their individual goals or relationships 

What Are The Benefits?

Benefits of Equine Assisted Programs are:

- Improvements in Self Esteem/Confidence

- Self Awareness & Self Regulatory Skills

- Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

- Can improve relationships & behaviours

- Helps assist in personal boundaries

- Improved goal setting

- Improve skills in non-verbal communication

- Team work and individual skills

Do I need to know about horses?

No horse experience is necessary, this is a program that is carried out at ground level and all safety awareness is guided by the facilitator.

Our program is fully insured with AON Insurance and our program follows the I Thou model as established by The Equine Psychotherapy Institute, Melbourne VIC.

Facilitators all have established and current WWC Checks.